Isa 42:8 “I am YHWH, that is My Name, and My esteem I do not give to another, nor My praise to idols.”



Did you learn at church that you must forgive, no matter what; and if you don’t forgive then your sins won’t be forgiven you? That’s not entirely true. So, get ready; we’re going to look at the rest of the picture. Yahushua...

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Fire on the Mountain Lightning in the Air

Have you ever thought that the Scripture has little to say about Shavuot? It actually says quite a lot! When there was fire on the mountain, lightning in the air, worth more than gold, and He gave it to us there! The Word...

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The Fallen of YHWH

On Memorial Day we remember those who have fallen for our freedom; but we should remember too, those who have fallen to give us liberty over the law of sin and death. And because we serve a rising savior, though we may fall...

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Ignorance is Blistered

Have you ever heard, “Ignorance is bliss.” and “What you don’t know won’t hurt you.”? Really? Did you KNOW that stovetop was hot before you touched it? Ignorance can get you blistered!

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Will You Pass Over Passover?

Will you be keeping Passover, or will you pass over Passover? Don’t answer too quickly! Satan is crafty and many have been tricked! Could you be doing something which is NOT Passover, and calling it Passover, but it’s not...

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Rest in Jesus?

You say Messiah is your rest, so you don't have to keep the 7th day Sabbath? Hmmm. Try telling your spouse that Messiah's your fidelity too, and that you don't have to keep the "do not commit adultery command". I'm pretty...

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